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    Default Brit on road trip LA to Miami - Help...

    Hi, I saw your site and I'm sure you will be able to help me or point me in the right direction.

    I am resident in York, England and my family and I would love to travel across the United States in a motorhome from the Pacific to the Atlantic (LA to Miami??). We'd like to do it over the first 3 weeks in July next year and we would like to take in the southern states, hopefully finishing in Florida.

    I have sent off over 10 e-mails to different motorhome companies asking for assistance and only 1 has replied (Just America).

    I am looking for advice on:-
    Is it possible in 3 weeks?
    Other potential motorhome companies that will accept 1 way hires.
    Potential route?
    Tourist points along the route.
    Camping slots along the route.
    Any other relevant information that you think I might need to know.
    Thanks very much....

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    Default Some Ideas


    There are 50 or so companies that rent motorhomes. The biggest of these are EL Monte RV and Cruise America. But there are a number of firms catering to our international travelers.

    Three weeks is doable -- as long as you aren't trying to see too much of the country. There is an excellent book written by an English roadtripper that you should review for ideas, places to explore, American road culture tips, etc. For more information check out "Drive USA" on this page:

    Welcome to America!

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    Default East-bound Travel -- better rates?

    I have been told by "Just America" that it would be cheaper with their company to land on the west coast and travel east. So I would be looking to fly into LA and depart from Miami, but I'm open to advice.

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    Default Against the Grain


    We are not familar with "Just America" but there are plenty of firms seeking to fill the road trip traveling niche. Their home page is impressive enough. One of the reasons that prices might be less going West to East, is the majority of European visitors arrive in NYC. All of the major RV rental firms have fleets staged near NYC, Miami, Seattle & LA.

    It is very likely that you can obtain a better rental rate if you pick up the vehicle in the west, (since companies now pay several hundreds dollars each month to move inventory back to the east coast).

    I like the Cruise America program that "guarantees" a constant cost of fuel.

    For your application, you might seriously consider using the services of "Tracks & Trails". This company structures an itinerary and arranges for the RV. We know and support this firm's services (it is not the least expensive option...) For more information:

    There are thousands of memorable and special places in America. RoadTrip America's web site is a good place to start -- but in the end, you just put foot to pedal and tyre to tarmac and go!

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