Alright, so a few weeks ago I posted about a huge cross country trip with myself and this "dude I'm seeing" (heh). Anyways, I've done some more planning and I'd like ya'lls imput and advice, plus I have a couple questions so this might turn into a long post, so I'm apologizing ahead of time.

So first of all, my origional idea was to go out west then south then up the east coast, and I've changed it quite a bit into two seperate trips, because the first one just was going to be too much in one summer. So, I've changed it to just the east coast.
Here's my...very loose idea.
Starting in Indiana, heading south into Kentucky to see Mammoth Cave, then heading straight down to Louisiana where we plan on staying overnight at the Myrtles Plantation, then heading to New Orleans for a few days. Then down into Florida to my home town, then up to Orlando to spend a day at Disney, then up the east coast, hitting Savannah, Charleston, Ft. Sumpter, Myrtle Beach, Atlantic City, Cape Lookout and Cape Hatteras (in NC) To see blackbeards sunken ship and Roanoke..also hitting Washington DC, Philadelphia, Fall River, MA (lizzie Borden's Bed and breakfast), Providence, New York City, Boston, Salem, Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Acadia National Park, Niagra Falls, Cedar Point (where I used to work), and then home. We'll be taking some side trips, for instance to WEst Virginia to go white water rafting and the like. I also included two of my friends along with us, so it will be two girls and two boys in my 98 Dodge Stratus. *by the way, the destinations are NOT in order.*

So, here are my questions.
1. Any good places up that way that I shouldn't miss that maybe aren't in all the brochures, haunted spots (we're all really interested in Haunted America)....or just fun historical things or things of that nature, CHeap perferrably.

2. Best Routes? Scenic, things you've driven before, easy driving, staying away from Tolls, etc. Just any ideas you may have for me.

3. Budget. My budget is kicking my ass.
Here's what I've got so far:
Food, Gas, Admissions (Caves, Museums, Attractions, etc.), Emergency (Medical and Transportational), Parking, Laundry, Parking Fees, Permits (Fishing, camping in NP), Personal spending, Misc..but I have to be missing something. Anyone have any ideas of the BEST way to budget this out when I have no idea how many miles, how long it's going to take (especially if we take side trips), Ugh, it's just totally kicking my ass.

Basically I want it planned, because it almost has to be planned out because of the length and amount of stuff we want to do and because it's going to be so expensive, but then I don't want it to be strictly planned because I want to give ourselves as much time as we need, AND I want to be able to just go off and do something else if we want to.

Any ideas?

By the way, I think this site is great. There's hardly anyone around here who I can talk to because nobody here has any sense of adventure at all. Plus, Ryan's still of hiking the appalachian trail so he's not any help and there's only so much Meg and Thomas can help me with. You guys are just so incredibly awesome.