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    I'm planning a trip for summer 2004. I would like to see the entire U.S. I want mostly to hit the national parks, but want the freedom to stop when I see interesting things. I don't mind camping the entire way, or living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I have a car, a tent and a buddy, no RV. How far will we make it on $10,000? Is it possible to see all 48 continental states thoroughly?

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    Default How would you define thoroughly ?

    See all 48 continental states? Actually there are 49 continental states (only Hawaii is offshore). It is possible to drive through all 49 continental in about four months. But to thoroughly see even 1/4 of them would take a lifetime. I have driven around 47 of the 50 US states, logged several hundred thousand miles and figure I have seen about 30% of the country.

    I can easily spend $10,000 in a month on the road, however, if you are frugal, drive a vehicle that only consumes fuel and oil (no repairs), rarely, if ever, eat expensive food, I would think you could stretch your road trip adventure to six months.

    A number of roadtrippers have completed tours of the lower 48 states. Check out our Journals/Travelogs page at and especially look at the adventures of "Destination Unknown", "Quest 4" and "The 100 day Road Trip to 50 States" found on the page.

    Go have an adventure!

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