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    Default stops along the way...

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    Default stops along the way...

    i'm going to the Mall of America next week with some friends. we're taking our time coming home so we can visit some places. only two days will actually be spent at the mall, but we planned on being away for 7-9 days. we're leaving New Jersey on Monday and taking I-80 and I-90 and I-94 to Minnesota, so if anyone has some suggestions, (any towns, restaurants, zoos, etc. worth visiting) please let me know! also, we intend to stay in Toledo for maybe a day.. any suggestions here will be helpful, too. ... Thanks, Emily

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    Out of seeing the Mall of America the reason for your trip?

    I know just about every inch of your route and I have posted several messages about it (one VERY recent in the thread "DC-Chicago-Madison-Minneapolis") There are some good suggestions there, but I can elaborate a little more if you're looking for more ways to fill the time.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Actually, yes, the mall is the reason for the trip. I watched a show about it on the Travel Channel, and it seemed like one of those places you should visit once in your life.

    I did read the other thread, and it was very helpful. What I'm looking for are some more places that people should visit at least once in their lives, which also aren't too out of the way and won't take TOO much time. Just a couple of intersting places to keep us not bored and so we're not just driving home, but still doing stuff. It would be great if you could give me a few more suggestions.

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