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    Default The Best Chicken Fried Dinner

    Just wanted to recommend that you get turned on to Jessie Pearl's Country Kitchen in Georgetown, KY, just outside of Lexington, KY. We went there in search of a good fried chicken dinner, and it was fantastic. It is just the sort of place that fits with your profile--Mom cooks, daughters wait on tables, clean, modest surroundings, but food to die for at very, very reasonable rates. Jessie Pearl really knows how to cook and bake. It is in downtown Georgetown in what they call Opera Alley--right at the main intersection in town. Check it out. We took your advice and went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville. It was great--you were right on with that one.

    FYI, the Cincinnati Bengals train in Georgetown, KY--once they find JP she'll be busier than she can imagine on the Bengals free nights. Happy Eating!!!


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    We really appreciate the insider's tip about Jessie Pearl's. Just FYI, RoadTrip America isn't really affiliated with the site, although we really like their extensive diner reviews and their excellent RoadFood book.


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