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    Default Seattle to Denver in 3days

    I am leaving to Denver from Seattle next week and wanted to get tips on the most scenic route I could fit within the 3 days. Please advise..

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    I'm not sure this is necessarily the most scenic route, but it is the way I went recently through that general area and I really enjoyed the scenery.

    As you are probably already very familiar with I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass, I would skip that and either go farther south and cross over at White Pass on Hwy 12 (amazing scenery) or go south to Portland and drive through the Columia River Gorge.

    Pendleton, Baker City, etc., will bring you into Idaho which is the most un-scenic part of the trip. If you find a different way to go, go for it. However, this is the fastest way so it depends on your time.

    Going from Idaho through Salt Lake City was also not the best part of the trip, kinda like driving the I-5 corridor, but south of SLC we really enjoyed Hwy 6 through Price. Wonderful scenery through a low pass through the mountains/forests there.

    Hwy 6 becomes 191 and takes you through some desolate country that I found fascinating myself. It's so different than what we are used to in our area.

    We then met up with I-70 around Green River, UT, and followed it into CO. As you enter CO, the scenery becomes much more rugged as you start elevating into the Rockies.

    Anyway, we did this in 2 full days of driving from Yakima, WA. That was a bit quick without much time at all for sightseeing. If you want to sightsee more, you should allow at the minimum 3 days, preferably 4.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    Default Seattle-Denver

    I don't think there are any direct-line super-scenic ways to get from Seattle to SLC except the short stretch through the Cascades. However, once I got to SLC, I would take I-80 east to Park City, then pick up US-40 all the way to I-70 at Empire, CO then I-70 into Denver. This is a highly scenic route that will take just a little longer than the US-6/US-191/I-70 route previously recommended. That route is also scenic and if you prefer to spend most of your time on the interstate to minimize travel time, it is probably the best way to go. However, for the few hours longer US-40 will take, I highly recommend it. It starts scenic in the Wasatch mountains as soon as you leave SLC, goes through the Heber Valley which I love, then climbs through some of the most spectaular travel the Rocky Mountains have to offer.
    Have a great trip.

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