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    Default San Jose, CA to Washington, DC

    2-driver(me & wife) 5-day roadtrip plan from San Jose, CA to Washington, DC. What do you guys think? Doable? Enjoyable? Please critic. Any tips, ideas (on route, sightseeing, eat, lodge...) are greatly appreciated.

    7/3 10:00 am -- 7/4 12:00 am
    San Jose -- Salt Lake City

    7/4 9:00 am -- 7/4 10:00 pm
    Salt Lake City -- Denver
    (tour National Parks enroute)

    7/5 9:00 am -- 7/5 10:00 pm
    Denver -- Kansas City

    7/6 9:00 am -- 7/6 9:00 pm
    Kansas City -- Columbus, OH
    (Eat @ Arthur's BBQ in KSC)

    7/7 9:00 am -- 7/7 5:00 pm
    Columbus, OH -- Washington, DC

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    San Jose to Salt Lake City is a very long drive. I would estimate somewhere close to 800 miles (if not more).

    Aside from Rocky Mountain National Park, I can't think of another national park between Salt Lake and Denver, unless you take a ridiculous detour into southwest Utah or southeast Colorado.

    The rest of your plan should work out fine. Not terribly far from Denver to K.C (boring as all hell though). KC to Columbus isn't very far at all, nor is Columbus to DC. They are both relatively easy one-day drives.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Default SJC-SLC in one day

    Thanks for the advice. I know SJC-SLC in one day is a little ambitious, but I read it in other thread that people usually covered the most mileage the first day, so I'm gonna give it a try.

    To fight bore we're bring a portable DVD player with us hopefully it'd help at least some.



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    Default Boredom?

    How can you be bored on a trip like this? Unless you are very familiar with the areas and have seen them a lot of times before, new scenery is always exciting. Even when it is just miles of plains. There's almost always something interesting along the way to see. will give you lots of ideas for fun photo opportunities along the way. I can't imagine why you would need a DVD player to keep from getting bored. Just IMHO.

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    Default How could it be boring?

    I would echo Judy's comments on another post on this subject -- how could you find any part of a road trip boring? I have never found a boring place ANYWHERE in America. You might find the #1 on the following link helpful in this regard:

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