The basics of my summer road trip have been settled. Going from my former home Southeast Minnesota to my present one in Bakersfield, CA in early august. 3 to 4 guys all in our mid 20's driving a Subaru Wagon with AWD. Looking at stops in Rocky Mtn NP, Arches/Canyonland, Monument Valley, GC North Rim, Zion NP, and maybe Vegas since we'd be going through it anyway. Also up for consideration, Going south to Black Canyon and Durango instead of Arches.
A couple of Questions now:
1.) Which would you recommend: Going to Arches or Durango, or somewhere else?
2.) Any other places that we should try to visit or avoid?
3.) We will be tent camping every night in state or nat'l parks/forests. What places would you recommend and how fast do places fill up during the week? Also, showers are nice once and a while, so if you know of any places that have them I'd like to know.
4.) How hard is it to find real beer (not 3.2%) in Utah?

Thanks in advance.