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    Default San Jose to Las Vegas, need advise

    We are planning to go to Las Vegas during the july 4th weekend and would like to know the neigboring attractions that we can see, may be on I-15 N.Thanks in anticipation.

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    Default How far afield are you able to go?

    Within 10 minutes of the strip is the incomparable Red Rock Canyon -- hiking and climbing. Valley of Fire (especially the road up to and past the Mouse Tank). If you have an extra day -- Zion National Park is a must see. Perhaps even Death Valley, so far it has been unseasonably cool in Las Vegas and so the temps -- although they will easily be 3-digits may not be so bad in Death Valley.

    Lake Mead and Boulder Dam!

    What kinds of things interest you? If you go the main RTA site, (click on the Home tab on the top of this page) and enter Las Vegas in the Search box on the right side of the web page, you will find 20-30 things to check out.

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