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    Default trip through Canada

    I am going on an 8 day road trip through Canada in late June/early July with three friends. We'll be starting in Worcester Mass and heading west towards Buffalo (anything fun to do along the way?). We'll be crossing at Rainbow Bridge to visit Niagra Falls, and then heading to my grandparents house on Lake Erie for two or three nights. After that we're heading to Toronto and then Montreal. I've been to the are a few times, so I know all the big attractions already, but I was wondering if there were any fun but more unkown things to do in that area - doesn't matter if its a bit out of the way. Also, if anyone is up there, how are the mosquitoes? We were thinking of doing some camping but I'm not sure how that'd work out with it being mosquito/black fly season. Anyway, any suggestions people have for interesting things to do would be appreciated.

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    Default trip through toronto/montreal

    If you're around Toronto in the evening, her are some things to check out: greek food and atmosphere on Danforth ave (location for My Big Fat Greek Wedding)also a hot place for young people to stroll in, lots of atmosphere, hang out at the fountain to pick up some local gossip and for heated conversations about Macedonian independance; free outdoor theatre in High Park, ride your bike along the harbourfront trail; take the ferry to Toronto Island for bike riding or picnics; go to the Indian Motorcycle Club to be seen for drinks; Allen's pub on the Danforth has the best scotch selection in town and also Celtic music on some nights;

    You might want to check out St. Jacob's north of the 401 between London and Toronto - big mennonite town with a fantastic market, also highland games in Fergus are supposed to be the best, not sure when they run; or you might want to stop at the Ellora Gorge around Guelph for a swim -jump off a rock into the gorge; or stop at Kelso Park around Milton (West of Toronto) for a walk along part of the Niagara Escarpment (Bruce Trail).

    There is a great park East of Toronto before Kingston - Picton Sand Banks with sand dunes; In ganonoque you can rent a pontoon boat and take a ride around the 1000 islands - it really is something to see, they also have scheduled tours.

    Have fun!



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