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    I read in another thread that those of us planning to rent a car can search car rentals in this site, but I can't find anything. I'm looking to make sure the company (Dollar Rent A Car) we have reserved a car with provides good service (ie: if the car breaks down along the way, that they would help, etc). Its the best price we could find online ($640 for 2 weeks + 1 day, unlimited mileage nationwide...then we'll have to pay $5 day for an additional driver...premium size concorde). Any experience in this area?

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    I don't know the particulars of where you are planning to pick up your car and return it, but I did a quick look at the car rental services we provide (use the "Travel" tab found on every page of the main RTA site) or go to I entered parameters of 15 days, a premium car, a pick-up and return in LA, and unlimited miles and found five national providers offering cars ranging from $425 to $800 for the period. Any of the top 6 or 7 national carriers provide towing and/or repair services.

    We are in the midst of re-tooling our travel services, to make them more easier to use, but the booking service works fine as is. Although Dollar was one of the five who dealers found in my search, they were 3rd most expensive of the group. Did you try our services?

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    I'm fairly new here, and haven't explored the site a no, I didn't know the car rental thing was available. I'll check it out. We are going from Ohio to Vegas and back. I've only been getting info from other threads I've read here. So thanks! I'll check it out after work this evening.

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