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    Default Idaho to L.A.: Need Ideas!

    After the Sportsmobile Rally (for 4WD RV-type vans) in Park City, I'll be heading to southern Idaho to see friends, then home to Los Angeles. I will have done the route from L.A. through Las Vegas, up to Salt Lake City/Park City, so I want my route home different-- and more scenic.

    Is there an interesting southwesterly route toward California, then south to L.A. that would round out my trip? Or are there things in Utah I should hit on my way home that I wouldn't have seen on the way there?

    I only have about 3 days to get back... and am in a 4WD RV I can camp in too.


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    Default Like Hot Water?

    When you leave Idaho -- you might consider some of the Oregon Outback in general and Summer Lake Hot Springs in particular, ( Continuing south to Virginia City might be fun.

    Tioga Pass is open into Yosemite.

    When you went north -- did you stop in Zion, Bryce, Cedar Breaks (the camping around Cedar Breaks is pretty special) or the three National Parks along the Colorado River?

    It is a tad warm now for Death Valley -- but if your van is really capable of a 4-wd road, there are some awesome places you can get to.

    If you have never hiked/camped in the Great Basin NP -- perhaps you should head that direction

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