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    Default renting car for road trip

    My wife and I are planning a trip in late august. We live in seattle and will be flying into San Francisco to visit with friends and family. We will then be heading by car from SF to Durango, CO. From all that I have seen it looks like it will be an awesome road trip. It looks as though our travels will take us first up to Salt Lake City and then Southeast to Durango. We are renting a car for this (initial reports looks as though that is going to be expensive $350-$500) but we are going to do it nonetheless.
    My question is this:
    1) Can anyone point out some "off the beaten path" must see's?
    2) Can anyone point out the best and most affordable tactics in getting a rental car for a trip like this.
    I would appreciate any input anyone could have. Thanks....

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    I rented from enterprise, in AZ a few months back. They had a special on compact cars, I got a saturn, pretty spacious really. They have weekend specials it was three days for 30 dollars, but two of those days have to be saturday or sunday, then if you keep it longer its 30 bucks a day. That time the mileage was 100 per day, but I just rented a truck from them a few weeks ago and it was 60 bucks but it had unlimited mileage! I put 500 miles on it in one day and gave it back. Later

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