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    Well, we're off on a whirlwind roadtrip to Roswell, NM, to attend a car show. We will drive 3 days there and back and put in some long days driving. But it's gonna be fun and worth every mile. Our route basically takes us through the northern Oregon, Idaho, Utah, SW corner of Colorado, and down into Roswell, NM.

    We're already planning stops at Hole in the Rock, 4-Corners, the Route 66 section of Gallup and the Very Large Array. And, of course, the quirky alien stuff in Roswell. I've already been to Carlsbad Caverns so no need to go there this trip.

    Any ideas for any other quick stops? The quirkier and funkier the better. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Monument Valley


    We've enjoyed your posts on this forum. Sounds like a great roadtrip adventure. We hope you post a report back here after your trip!

    When you are in the four corners area, I can't stress enough the worthwhile of taking the loop drive at the Navajo Tribal Park in Monument Valley. It is primal and beautiful, especially in early morning and sunset. The loop is dirt and a little rough in places, but worth it. If you don't have time for the Tribal park, just drive along US-163 through the public part of the valley. Nothing like it in the world!

    Kartchner Caverns (even if you have been to Carlsbad) are really worth a stop. Near Benton, AZ (Maybe on your way back?)

    Have an adventure!

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    I'll add those to my list. I'm researching your site and RoadsideAmerica and some other sites I have book-marked before I go in order to print out a list.

    I've heard a lot of good things about Monument Valley so we'll definitely try to squeeze it in. Never heard of Kartchner Caverns. I'll check 'em out.

    Glad you've liked my posts. I've lurked for quite awhile but have only recently decided to plunge in and offer advice. Hopefully, it's been helpful. Take care and maybe we'll see you on the road! Judy

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    Default New Mexico

    In southern Colorado, go to Sand Dunes National Park. Hike up to the top of the dunes and take big jumps off the steep dunes. You can also make yourself a human tuning fork in the sand.

    Just north of Taos, NM, heading south on Hwy 159 you'll find a stupa just off the highway. You'll see the flags and golden dome peaking out from the bushes. Facinating. There supposidly a number of stupas along the Rio Grande, each a days walk from each other.

    Going thru Northern New Mexico, check out Ojo Caliente, between Taos and Santa Fe. It's a hot springs resort and is supposed to be fantastic.

    Just below Santa Fe, heading south on 25, there's a wonderful short hike called Tent Rocks. Definately worth the detour. Look for Apache Tears.

    Los Alamos is a fascinating place. Lots of history--go to the museum and learn all about the Manhattan Project.

    In the southern part of NM, go to White Sands National Park. It's fabulous at sunset.

    Have fun.

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    Great ideas.

    Unfortunately, didn't see this until I got back. Will add it to ideas for future trips in that area. I'm going to do a short trip report on what we did do on this whirlwind trip.

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