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    Default Road Trip!

    Hey Everyone,

    Summer is here and I have a once in a lifetime chance to take my moms toyota and travel the US, by myself though, which kinda sucks! But nevertheless, Ive wanted to see the west for a long time.

    Im thinking of going through pensacola, new orleans and mid texas as fast as possible to get to AZ, is their anything worth seeing in those areas? In AZ I want to go to Sedona, Grand Canyon, then Las Vegas, Then Zion Natl park, then colorado whatever parks are there, then wyoming yellowstone, montana glacier natl park, then oregon crater lake and maybee B.C. is bc worth checking out?

    Are the latter parks worth going to? and is there any near them that Im missing that would be worth seeing? Also whats the best or most scenic route to get out west from FL? Im gonna be camping in a tent on the dirt, are these Natl parks usually booked out or can I find a space in july/august or should I reserve a spot? Later

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    Default How long is this adventure going to be?

    Personally, I like traveling solo on road trips. I did my first cross country drive-a-thon when I was just out of high school. To go to all of those places, I hope you have several weeks set aside. In round numbers you are talking close to 20,000 miles with the likely side trips and the return run to Florida. That requires a lot of gas money!

    All of the places you mentioned are worth seeing! Camping in national parks in July/August can be tough without reservations.

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