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    traveling from sweden Guest

    Default planning Q.

    Hello everybody,

    my girlfriend and I are thinking of going to USA in aug/sep
    and we'd be glad for all help regarding a time schedule
    that we can get.

    i.e how many days to spend in N.Y, in Florida, L.A. etc
    The main plan is to stay for three weeks and go from
    N.Y. to L.A with a stop in the Ft.lauderdale area.

    We are glad for all comments in this matter and it can be
    about how to travel (car, train, plane), where to stay or what to see.

    //looking forward to a nice stay.
    Daniel in Sweden

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    freedomhep Guest

    Default Seeing the USA

    Take a look at your map of the US to get a clear idea of the size of the country. You can see many great things in 3 weeks, but you will have just scratched the surface. (I would have a difficult time touring Sweden in 3 weeks.)

    You will need to narrow your focus. Start by listing all the things you think you must see. Consider the great cities (NY, Miami, Chicago, L.A., New Orleans, San Antonio, Boston, Seattle, etc. etc. ect.), then consider the natural wonders (the Grand Canyon, Everglades, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes, the Pacific Coast, etc. etc. ect.). You two should have an idea of what interests you most: culture, history, or scenic nature. Once you have desided what you want to see, you should have a better idea of your route.

    Flying from city to city will cut down on traveling time, but you will miss the scenery and the small towns which are the heart of the country. Driving will take a very long time. You may be better off with a combination of driving and flying, or better still, taking the train. (See There are passes which cover regions, the entire country, and the US and Canada. There is a train called the Sunset Limited which goes from Orlando, Florida through New Orleans, Texas, and the Southwest to L.A. You can also travel on the Southwest Chief from L.A. to Chicago with a stop at the Grand Canyon.

    Just be sure to limit the scope of your trip enough that you will be able to enjoy yourself instead of just hurrying to the next place.

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    imported_craig Guest

    Default car hire

    Hi everyone,

    Myself and my girlfriend are planning a six week round trip starting in Boston, we are hoping to get to Seattle and back in this time, any tips on car hire, ive checked a few out from here in the u.k but would it be cheaper to hire once we've arrived and which are the best companies to use?
    Any feedback would be great.
    Hope to see you all soon.

    Craig. U.K

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    Default It is cheaper, in UK


    In our experience, it is usually cheaper to book in the UK if you are a British citizen. However, be sure to look at the International Visitor page for other ideas:

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