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Thread: Tornados?

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    I have a friend who told me when she drove the route we are going (I40W) through Texas, she saw several (like 5 or more) small tornados in a distance. Is this common?

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    Tornado's from a storm or a dust storm whirlwind? We've only driven I-40 thought Texas three times and never saw a Tornado but we have seen many dusty whirlwinds.


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    Default Tornadoes in Texas

    Tornadoes in Texas are certainly possible, but they in the midst of supercell thunderstorms and there very little chance you could ever see them in the distance on a horizon. It is far more likely you were seeing cyclonic dust devils. Some of these whirling dustdevils can be 100 feet in diameter and can move trucks around on the highway lanes, but they are not tornadoes.

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