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    keith Guest


    im planing on a roadtrip from san jose to florida and im driving a 97 celica got 93000 mile on it and im afraid it gona breakdown during the road, if it breakdown in the middle of nowhere what im i gona do? please help

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    Default Obtain AAA Coverage

    Get AAA car service coverage, or use a rental vehicle.

    If you break down. Be prepared.

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    wil S Guest

    Default building covered in corn

    There is , i believe a hotel out west, which is completlt covered in ears of corn. Does anyone know the location of such a building. Thanks W

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    kristy Guest

    Default building with corn

    i believe you are thinking of the corn palace in mitchell south dakota It is right off I-90 in southern SD not worth the trip if that is your main desire to see but a great stop if you do Mt. rushmore, the badlands, etc. there are a lot of other cool places to stop along the way if you have the time (like wall drug)to drive across the state

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