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    Hi. I'm leaving another post in case no one reads my reply in another post. Has anyone here ever driven I40 West in the hottest part of summer? We are planning to do it in late July (from Ohio to Vegas). Decided on this route instead of I70, at least going out. Also, are there towns or many sites or is it pretty desolate?
    Thanks! This is a really neat place to find out info for our trip!!

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    I-40 -- It is pretty hard to find stretches along any Interstate in the USA that don't have services and/or towns every 50 miles or so. There are some, but very rare.

    I can't imagine anyone decribing any section along I-40 as "desolate"-- beautiful country the entire route. Large sections of Route 66 follow I-40 in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. There is some good information about places to explore along Route 66 at

    Plenty of sidetrips along the way too.

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