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    Default New Jersey to Southern CA

    I plan on driving across country from New Jersey to Southern California to surprise my girlfriend. I dont want to stop and sight see. I can do that on the way back. I just want to get there as fast as possible. On map quest it says I can get there driving 44 hours straight. Of course I'll break but is it possible for me to get there in two and a half days? I thought it would take longer. Anyone here have tips on a speedy trip to CA?

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    Default Like Jersey City to Savannah!

    Without a co-driver and the ability to drive without fuel breaks, attempting to drive that distance in 44 hours is ludricous. Even with a co-driver, (so you only stop for vehicle fuel) the shortest possible time this could be done legally is 55 hours.

    However, it is seriously unwise to drive more than 800 miles per day by yourself. The first day is no problem, but by middle of the night on the second -- fatigue becomes a serious problem. Give yourself a full 3.5 days, with six+ hours of sleep each night and you will reach your girlfriend alive and in better condition.

    I-80 to I-70 to I-15 is your fastest route. Good rule of thumb for solo driving -- stop every three hours and stretch and do some fast excercises -- keeps the mind sharp. Drink plenty of water and avoid the fatty, fast foods.

    To keep in perspective -- 800 miles per day is Jersey City to Savannah, Georgia. By the third non-stop day, that is a bunch of miles!

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    Default Insane

    I've had a friend drive from east coast to California in 50 hours, driving 16-20 hours a day, and make it in 2 1/2 days. But why would you want to? With the gas prices the way they are, it would be cheaper to fly, because you won't be enjoying yourself once you get here. I've also heard through friends of friends, etc. of people have tried that and have fallen asleep at the wheel and killed themselves. Not worth it to drive I think.

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    Default non stop driving

    i usually drive by myself from Ny (long island) to spokane washington at least once a year. it takes me 3 days doing 17 hours, then 14 hours then 12-13. the first day when you are hyped to go you will be able to go the farthest but each succeeding day you will get tired more easily. i also stop if i am too tired and take an extra day to get there or stop at my sisters houses on the way ( ND and Missoula)and crash for about 4-6 hours then go again. driving like this is not legal and not safe for most people. i never sleep more than 6 hours tops anyway and cant sleep on any moving vehicle. you need to be able to know when you are getting to the point where you need to get off the road. i have known many people who fell asleep at the wheel (and in their cases it is almost always when they are almost at their destination and they relax ) if you have never been on a long road trip before i highly recommend taking the extra time

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    I am also thinking of tripping to LA from NJ but am taking three/four months doing so.. Has anyone got an idea how much the average motel room would cost per night and whether it would be worth booking in advance rather than just turning up?


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    Default I am not a fan of advance reservations


    One of the dynamic qualities of a road trip, is the role of the "unexpected" If you pre-book motel reservations you will feel an obligation to get to the town of the motel and you may miss some of the best aspects of being on the road. RoadTrippin' is by definition the chance to step beyond the constraints of here and there.

    Generally, I like to spend ~ $50 per night when using motels. But plenty of folks spend both considerably more and considerably less.

    Another problem with pre-booking is that you often can't tell what the condition of the motel is until you arrive. Plus, pre-books are done at the listed rate. Nearly 100% of all motel room rates can be negotiated when you arrive, take a look at the parking lot to determine how flexible the managers might be. One tip, is to arrive in late afternoon, book the room and then go out exploring until it is time to sleep.

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