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    Default Planning a road-trip - question about where to stay


    There's a few of us planning on coming over from Ireland and doing a roadtrip on the West Coast/Arizona in July for three weeks. What's the situation regarding places to stay? I presume roadside motels in towns are probably quite common but how much is the average one might expect to pay? Online motels seem to be about $60 a night, which is quite expensive.

    We're new to this, so any tips on how much we should bring for lodgings would be great.

    Thanks to all, and safe travelling,


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    $60 a night for hotel is a good average to plan on. Some areas it will be more, some less. If you think $60 is too expensive, stay away from the bigger cities as it will be much higher there.

    I would suggest bringing camping gear. Or just buying inexpensive gear at a place like Wal-Mart where you can get a tent for $25-35, sleeping bags for $10 each, etc. Then you can camp...much cheaper and more fun.

    Figure about $12-15 for national and state parks, and $15-30 for private camp grounds. KOA Campgrounds tend to be very nice and are all over the country but they do tend to be a bit higher than many other campgrounds. They do provide very nice amenities for the price so they are often worth it.

    Hope this gives you some ideas to work with!

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    Default Motel costs

    For Arizona only: You CAN find motel rooms for $30-$40 in the smaller communities of Arizona, but in desirable (read "cool") areas they go quickly. To find these rates you sacrifice luxury and newness, and settle for older, more spartan accommodations -- these places rarely are available on the Internet but they exist in most towns of any size. In the high and cool parts of Arizona (anyplace in central northern Arizona along the Mogollon Rim from Williams to Springerville, for example), prices go up in the summer as all of us desert rats head that way on the weekends and for vacations and holidays. My advice is PLAN on the average cost -- $50 to $100 dollars per night, but look early in the day and hope to find the cheaper accommodations you prefer. If you wish, provide some possible cities and I can try to find phone numbers for some less-expensive places for you.

    California, all bets are off. It is Vacationland USA and prices are typically higher for everything! Perhaps others can help you find bargains there.

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