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    Default what to see between arches national park and yosemite?

    We are planning to go from Arches national park to Yosemite and we were wondering what route to take,is there any places to see on the way and how long will this take? we are also going from yosemite down to La, and were thinking of stopping at sequoia and kings canyons. Any advice on what route to take? thanks. Sue

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    Default How much time do you have?

    There are a number of ways you can go. The fastest route would be to take I-70 west until you reach Hwy 50. After you leave Green River, Utah you will go though an area known a the San Rafael Swell which is very scenic. There are some rest areas and you can get out and enjoy the views. Once you enter Nevada on Hwy 50 near by is Great Basin National Park. In the park is Lehman caves and Wheeler Peak drive. At Ely, Nevada take Hwy 6 to Benton, California where you will pick up Hwy 120. Hwy 120 is a scenic drive even before you get to the park. At Lee Vining there is Mono Lake. This route is 755 miles and will take 1 1/2 days of driving (with out siteseeing stops).

    An alternate route if you had 3 days would be to take I-70 to a little past Green River, Utah. Take Hwy 24 to Capitol Reef National Park and on to Torrey, Utah. From Torrey head down Scenic Highway 12 to Bryce National Park. From Hwy 12 go north on Hwy 89 to Panguitch, Utah and take Hwy 143 to Cedar Breaks National Monument and then Hwy 143 & 14 to Cedar City. Take Hwy 56 across to Panaca, NV. Hwy 93 to Crystal Springs. Then take the Extraterrestrial Highway 375 to Warm Springs. Take Hwy 6 and then Hwy 120 into Yosemite. This route is 860 miles and will take two full days of driving and add more time for site seeing.


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    Default Absolutely!

    I recently drove the second route mentioned across Utah and most of Nevada. I've seen most of the land in the 48 states, and I believe this stretch of road is among the most beautiful anywhere.

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    Default Seriously, now?


    There is no question that you have been in plenty of places, the depth of the memos you have posted on this forum are ample evidence... but come on --- in the above posting "...I've seen most of the land in the 48 states..." If you were to take a 50 mile road trip every weekend for fifty years you would not be able to see all of California, much less the other 47 states of continental USA.

    I have driven in the neighborhood of 200,000 roadtrip miles over the past few years and seriously doubt I have seen more than 30% of the land in America.

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    Instead of arguing semantics and percentages, let me give you some trip advice.

    First and foremost, backtrack about 30 miles before you proceed north and see Canyonlands National Park...possibly my favorite of the two dozen or so NP's I've seen (Sorry, Badlands...I didn't say that, I didn't say that.)

    I would definitely head west first and see Bryce Canyon and Zion NP's, but other than that my best advice is to GET OFF THE INTERSTATES! This is an incredible area to explore by car. Ask people (hotel and service station personnel) in each area what the best sites are.


  6. Default and a little semantical argument

    There are 48 other CONTINENTAL United States besides California. Alaska should be included in that count.


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    Default Ya Got me

    OK I concede that was a silly over-sight.

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