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    Default how to camp?

    Three girl friends and I are going on a roadtrip out east this summer but have little cash--so we want to camp. You have to be 25 yrs old to rent a pop-up trailer and we're all 22. Is tent camping safe for 4 girls by themselves? Any suggestions?

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    Brandon Guest



    Intelligence is gonna work best for you. Stay near well lite areas. Key chain peppar spray. And a few flash lights and your set "Situational Awareness" is what will help you out the most. Get the names of the families and people stayin' nearest to you and have a brief mental discription of them.

    Your also traveling in numbers so this will be a benifit. Good luck

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    Default It's fine

    I have tent-camped on roadtrips by myself, with just one friend, with just my husband, and with just my children when they were small. I never encountered any problems. I always camped in relatively full campgrounds like KOAs and the busier state/national parks and I never had any time when I did not feel safe. There were always plenty of people close at hand to offer assistance. I agree with the other poster that it doesn't hurt to visit with your neighbors a bit in the evening. I would think, if there were trouble, they would be more compelled to help if they knew you a little bit. But, as long as your not in the boonies somewhere, I really think it is quite safe.

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