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    cyn73 Guest

    Default I-80 midwest. Anyplace worth stopping?

    We will be traveling from NH to Colorado in July. With the stretch of I 80 thru Nebraska and Iowa looming before us we are looking good, relaxing places of interest to stop and take our minds of the road. Without wasting too much time or driving too far from I 80. Any pointers will be appreciated. Cyndi

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    Tyree Guest

    Default I-80 midwest. Anyplace worth stopping?


    We travel from Minneapolis to Denver a few times a year. I80 is one of the deadest stretches I've travel(I70 threw Kansas is the worst)I would advise you to stop in Omaha and see the Henry Doorly Zoo. You will not be dissapointed! This will give you a break from driving and also prepare you for your trek threw the rest of Nebraska. Once pass Omaha, Nebraska is a lonely place! Let me know if you need anything befiore your trip.


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    imported_Angus Bangus Guest


    I usually avoid classifying sections of highway as 'dead', but it's hard to disagree with the previous poster.

    I-80 through Iowa and Nebraska is pretty rough going. It's a VERY long stretch without very much visual stimulation. Only places that I find worth stopping at are towns with services. I will say that the various towns and cities "lined up" along I-80 (they are few and far between at times) are by and large pleasant...Des Moines and Council Bluffs in Iowa, and Lincoln and Kearney in Nebraska to name a few.

    Good luck and safe driving. Getting there is half the fun no matter where you have to drive through.


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