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    My fiance & I are getting married this September in Los Angeles. Soon afterwards we're packing her stuff into a truck & placing her car in tow as we make our way to Fort Lauderdale. We definitely want to stop at the Grand Canyon, Dallas, and New Orleans. Any other suggestions?

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    Default A longer Detour

    Congratulations on the pending ceremony! When you leave LA, you might consider taking a slightly longer detour and heading north on I-15, over-night in Las Vegas, and then heading east on Route 9 thru Hurricane, UT and drive through Zion National Park. The leaves will be turning (probably) and it will be wonderful.

    If you follow US-Alt-89 you can travel to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon --- there is a very romantic lodge there. Returning to Alt-89 you will cross the Vermillion cliffs and cross the mighty Colorado River at Marble Bridge. You can pick up US-89 and go to the south rim or head further south and pick up I-40 to Okalahoma City and then south on I-35 to Dallas.

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    Default thanks

    I think we're going to stick to the southern route, and visit the southern rim of the canyon, but thanks for your input :)

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