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    Default is a wireless card helpful for updating web site on the road?


    I'm taking a 1-2 month road trip around the US and I'm planning to put updates on my site every day with photos and such. Obviously I can dial up from hotels, in most cases, but I'm wondering if I should invest in a wireless card. Do most of the Starbucks around the country have wireless access now? It seems I might be able to get a faster connection through wi-fi than at a hotel, and I'd rather hang out somewhere social anyway.

    Any experience/advice with this?


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    Default Wi-Fi Connection Waypoints

    As the Wi-Fi network rolls out, there are many more connection locations around the US. As far as Starbucks goes -- they use the "T-Mobile Hot-Spot" program. The program is set up to get a free daypass at each of the Starbucks who support it, but you might consider signing up for one of their unlimited subscriptions ($30/mo unlimited national or $0.10/minute pay as you go) if you plan on using it around the US. More information about the Starbucks/Borders/Admiral Club/etc. program is at Just gotta remember, Starbucks & Borders Books are not found in the smaller towns and communities of the country.

    For more Wi-Fi connecting spots be sure and check out the links we have provided at: -- the section on Wi-Fi is about 1/2 way down that page.

    Plus, most business hotels now offer high-speed access in their business centers.

    For ease of updating a web site on the road -- don't forget Kinko's!

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