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Thread: DC to Orlando

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    Default MD to Orlando

    I'm traveling with my husband and children (ages 7 and 18 mos) are driving to Orlando via minivan.

    Our plan is to drive and stay in South of the Border overnight. Any recommendations on hotels in that area?

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    Default South of the Border?

    No offense, but South of the Border is a tourist trap. I was there a few years ago, and as the police say, "there's nothing to see here."

    In any case, there's no shortage of decent chain motels in the area - depends on how much you want to pay. We ended up sleeping in Florence, SC.

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    Default That is the prime attraction

    South of Border's only attraction is that it is a vintage tourist trap/attraction. The nature of the place is what attracts folks. I know several of folks who like the cheesy quality and stay at the honeymoon suite (even though it is not their honeymoon). Laugh a little. Loosen up!

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