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    Default San Francisco by plane..... Still need help though

    I have sed ths inthe past for some travels and was wondering if any one had any sugestions for places to eat and visit in the San Francisco area. lemmeno....

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    Default Wave Organ

    IT has been too long since we visited San Francisco -- so my food recommendations may be rusty -- but check out the Wave Organ near the Yacht club:

    If excercise is a goal -- try walking the 31.5% grade Filbert Street between Hyde and Leavenworth. It is so steep, it will make you laugh! Also be sure and check out the view from Coit's tower.

    On the eats front -- there are so many amazing places a few in random order:

    Swan Oyster Depot on Polk Street; great dim-sum at Yank Sing in the financial district; Cha, Cha, Cha -- tapas on Haight Street.

    Best guidebook ---Access San Francisco -- updated in 2001

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    What kind of food are you looking for? SF has a little bit of everything, lots of small restaurants and cafe's all within walking distance

    And for sites, there are a lot.
    Here's a few

    Also, definitely check out the palace of fine arts if you've never seen it.

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