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    Stephie G Guest

    Default Wackiest, strangest, funkiest places to visti............

    We are getting ready to hit the road in June and want to hear about the wackiest, strangest, funkiest places and attractions ya'll have visited.......let us know - we'll be on the road for a while and are looking forward to checking out America's oddities..............

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    Transplanted Midwesterner Guest

    Default St. Joesph, MO

    My personal favorite is the Glore pyschiactric museum in St. Joesph, Missouri. It's free, it's about 45 minutes North of K.C. on I-29, and it is the most twisted, yet humorous, roadside oddity I've come across yet. If you're ever in the area it's well worth stopping.

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    Default There are so many....

    As you probably know there are entire web sites dedicated to this very subject. But assuming you have looked at our favorites at

    I would have to nominate the Bandy Haven Trolls (Sequim, WA) -- for some photos check out

    And for performance art -- The Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA is pretty odd -- But fun!

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    imported_Andy Guest

    Default More wacky places than you can shake a wacky stick at

    Try Its a site dedicated to the Road Traps that make our roadways unique.

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    FE Krieg Guest

    Default Glore Museum

    Thanks for the tip....I just added it to our trip....on our way from K.C. to Omaha....hadn't heard about this wacky museum....

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