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    Default looking for recipes w/ no refrig. items nec.

    I'm going on a 29 day roadtrip and I'd like to spend as little time as possible finding grocery stores, buying food often, and cooking. I'm looking for simple recipes that require no refrigerated or frozen items. I found a few websites for camp cooking that have lots of great recipes, but almost all include fresh or frozen meats. Any suggestions would be great...we will be doing most of our cooking on a two-burner Coleman propane stove, as our fire building skills are still lacking...but that's another topic to address!

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    Default Ernie's Tips Might be Helpful


    As far as fire starting skills -- consider purchasing a Magnesium FireStarter, it hangs on your keychain and works in the worst of rainstorms. With very little practice you can learn to start a fire anyplace. I looked around the web and found a source:

    As far as food prep goes -- two thoughts -- first, eat as much fresh food as you can -- there is no substitute. Second, look at Ernie's site -- he is a fabulous cook and this site is worthy of a look:

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    Default yummy yummy

    I eat a lot of tuna helper when i'm camping, just leave out the butter it calls for in the recipe it tastes the same.

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