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    Default Couple of questions, if anybody could help with!

    Planning to do the trip in 8-9 days. Would like to have 2-3 nights of camping.

    1. According to yahoo maps I-80 would be the main highway to drive on. I wanted to know what are neigboring attractions that we can see, if we take this route. If there's an existing plan for this route, please send me the link. We want to include Pittsburg and Chicago in the trip.

    2. Any other route, which would be as fast as taking I-80, but is more scenic.


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    Default Want a real Adventure?


    Turns out there is a little charted route between NYC and San Francisco. It is called the "Lincoln Highway" and it is a direct shot between Times Square and San Francisco's Lincoln Park. At almost exactly 3400 miles, it is the shortest route between these two places. The road was built in 1913 and covers some of the most amazing landscapes to be found in the Americas. The problem? Much of the route is no longer paved. But if you are seeking a real adventure, consider adding some of it to your route. For more information, check out:

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    Default Other route

    From Cheyenne, Wy to Salt Lake City Hwy 80 is SO BORING! A good alternative would be to take I 76 down to Denver and then take Hwy 70 across Colorado's mountains & Utah.

    Spend a night or two near Moab, Utah camping and explore Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. To get to Moab take Hwy 128 at Cisco. This is a really scenic drive along the Colordo River with steep redrock canyon walls on both sides of you.

    When you reach the end of I-70 at I -15 you can either take Hwy 50 across Nevada or go up to Salt Lake City take I-80 through Nevada. I like both routes but Hwy 50 is considered the loneliest Highway in America.


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