My husband and I have two weeks in which to travel this summer. We desperately need to get out of Omaha for a break. We are relatively young and have never seen anything west of Colorado, and so we're thinking of taking a really fast looping trip around the western states.

Our main motives are:
* See friends (in Seattle, SF, Great Falls and Vegas)
* See the ocean
* Have some good food
* Figure out what places we really think are cool
* Take/make some awesome photographs

According to the Rand McNally road trip plan we sketched out real quick, we'd have six legs to our trip. Omaha to Great Falls; to Seattle; to San Francisco; to Vegas; to relatives in Colorado (for sleeping); to Omaha.

We'd only want to spend more than a day in Seattle and Vegas--we're very close with our friends in those places.

Is this doable? We're fully prepared to have our nervous breakdowns at the end.

Also, any tips or recommendations for the trip?