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    imported_sarah Guest

    Default 2 brits for 3 months summer road trip - where? how?

    We are planning a 3 month road trip starting 1st June & would really appreciate some advice on where to go, what to see & how to do it.

    The 'dream plan' is to hire/buy a cheap, realiable vehicle that we could sleep in occasionally en-route and get to see the real America (ie not the usual British holiday destinations like Florida, San Fran, NY etc). Our initial thought is to go coast to coast but are very open to suggestions.

    Any help would be great.
    Sarah & Neal

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    Carrabella Guest

    Default USA Trip

    Dear Sarah,
    We are retired Aussies, and in the last 10 years, before we retired, we did lots of trips in the USA, starting from when the first Gulf War made fares to Europe via America cheaper.
    If you would like to mail me, I'll write off air. We are going again soon, our 8th trip, I think. We always hire a car, and find it a great place to travel.
    Regards, Carrabella

    please try above instead, if you wish to.

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