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    Default How to start planning, etc.


    We are a handful of young germans and we have been dreaming about a road-trip across the USA. All we know so far is that we'd like to start in Rochester, NY and end in Round Rock, TX (near Austin), because we have friends there.
    It is more of a crazy dream, we have no clue how to get started. Can anyone recommend some good websites, etc? Has anybody done a trip similar to this?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Default Along The Way....

    I'm glad to see that you are not attempting to tour the entire USA!!

    After leaving Rochester, head for:

    Niagara Falls, Ontario - a remarkable experience

    Cleveland, Ohio - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Chicago, Illinois - one of the world's greatest cities

    St. Louis, Missouri - the Mississippi River and the Gateway Arch.

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - National Cowboy Hall of Fame

    San Antonio, Texas (south of Round Rock) - check out the Paseo del Rio riverwalk for a taste of Mexico.

    Including the stops mentioned above, the trip from Rochester to Round Rock can be accomplished in as little as 4 days if you are in an extreme hurry (5 or 6 days would be better.

    You didn't mention how many days or weeks you are taking on this trip, so there may be time to visit other places also.

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    Default Hit up some National Parks!

    Hello, A couple other suggestions is to try to make it to a couple of the national parks, especially if you like the outdoors. I echo the previous person's suggestion of Niagara Falls. The Canadian Horseshoe Falls are much cooler, but unfortunately made that side more touristy. Taking the Maid of the Mist tour is an option to consider. It takes you on a boat very close to the falls. At night they illuminate the falls with colored lights and every Friday night during the summer there is a fireworks display over the falls. From there another option is to take I-90 -> I-71 -> I-65 to Mammoth Cave NP. I've never been there, but would really like to go. Heading west from there will take you near Hot Springs NP, a little west of Little Rock, Arkansas. Again, I've never been there, but if it's a national park, it must be nice. The Ozarks nearby are also quite nice and offer some decent hiking to stretch your legs a little. During the summer, it is wicked hot and humid in the south, so be prepared for that. Have fun!

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    Default Hot Springs NP is Urban

    Hot Springs NP is certainly worth a visit -- But it may surprise folks because it is a "Historical Park" (not a natural park). It is a row of former "bath houses." One of the treats is to take a treatment and get bathed by a professional bather. The full bath treatment takes about 2 hours and is an amazing experience. My bather was a 3rd generation professional bather. Not for the timid...

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