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    I am moving from Ohio out to California for a new job. A friend has offered to go with me to make a roadtrip out of it. I'm considering my options and I was curious if anyone could offer some advice/input/etc. on driving Route 66. I know part of the fun is siteseeing and taking your time, but how long does it typically take? Is it best to start in Chicago, or would it be a good idea to cut some distance by starting in Springfield or St. Louis? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!


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    Default Some slow parts

    Most of the original Rte 66 has been swallowed by larger roads, I-40 in Arizona and NM comes to mind. But there are pockets of the old road left, but they don't really connect and so one tends to do a lot of back-tracking to follow the route. Much of the older route can be slow-going. There are some excellent guides available. Of more value, perhaps is the Route 66 caravan that is going west to east starting this month, perhaps you could connect with the caravan somewhere on the route. Check out this link for more information:

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