Hi, I have posted on this many times, but I still need some suggestions. As you know, five friends and I are taking a road trip next spring break from Bay City, Michigan to....well, California. That is very general, but we are thinking southern California. We are stopping in Las Vegas at the end of our second day, possibly early third day. We only have 10-11 days to do this (round trip) and we need suggestions on what to see while we are out west...again, sorry for being WAY too broad. We definately want to visit the Grand Canyon, oh by the way, we will be camping the whole time. We want to spend at least 3 days in California, but I guess it doesn't matter what we do the rest of the time...we just want to see great things and have the time of our lives. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Oh, by the way, this is our first road trip, so we want it to be the greatest time of our lives! and any advice for first timers would also be appreciated! peace out!