I'm trying to plan a road trip from upstate NY to the Los Angelos area with my daughters, age 14 and 10 (and possibly my sister and her 8 yr. old daughter). We have about THREE WEEKS for this adventure! We can begin this trip anytime(early May) but must be in Simi Valley, CA by Monday, May 12th and stay until the 18th or 19th. (Visiting my brother- his wedding is the 17th)
We will be traveling in a new caravan(8 passenger) and I do have AAA.
I'll probably need to make frequent stops to break-up the driving for the kids sake. Maybe drive four or five hours then stop for an hour? I'll keep driving if the kids are sleeping or otherwise content. I do plan on stopping at night for sleep.
Any advice for this trip? Routes we should or shouldn't take? FUN and interesting stops(very important to keep the kids happy!)Best places to stay over? Camp grounds, motels, rest areas? Places and things to avoid?
Some things I've thought about; ghost towns, dude ranch, whitewater rafting, nice beaches for wave-riding, amusement parks, caverns/caves, breath-taking scenery.(definetly want to see The Grand Canyon!)I'm willing to spend $ on things worth-while but will need to save in other areas.
Well, thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you soon. : )