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    Some 19 year olds from Dallas want to take a road trip through New Orleans to Destin, FL and back. I know New Orleans is out of the way, but we thought this would be a great break in between Dallas and Destin. Does anybody have any ideas for places to go/things to see either in those places or along the way? We're also looking for places to stay that are relatively cheap, poor college students you know. ANY suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Jamison Guest

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    Well, New Orleans is actually on the way to Destin from Dallas on 1-10. As for cheap food that won't kill you immediately, try an Arab restaurant called Mona's on Banks St. in Midcity or the one near the Quarter on Esplanade. Falafels are yummy and only $3.00.

    Cheap food in the Quarter:

    Kinda touristy, but really cheap is Cafe du Monde on Decatur right next to Jackson Square. Order beingets and a cup of cafe au lait for like 3 bucks in to start out your morning.

    Get a whole muffeletta sandwich for like 7 bucks at Central Grocery on Decatur which is huge and feeds 2 people.

    The Tricou House on Bourbon has red beans and rice for like $2.75.

    Country Flame, a Mexican restuarant, has a deal where you can get 2 tacos for $2.25 or so. Iberville St.

    Johnny's Po-boys on St. Louis has great poboys for 3 or 4 bucks.

    And if you're out of the Quarter, try a great place called Tee Eva's on Magazine St. (between Napoleon and Jena St.) for amazing soul food for cheap (like 5 bucks). Be sure to go for lunch to check out the specials. Also on Magazine a wonderful hostel (25 a night) in an old antebellum building. It's near the Garden District, a place called St. Vincent's Hostel. Check it out. Also on Magazine (around 7th St.) is Joey K's Restaurant where you can get a good lunch for $3.25.

    As far as things to do in the city, you will have to hustle if you're only going to spend one day in town. If you like jazz, there is the ever-touristy Preservation Hall in the Quarter. Admission is something like 4 or 5 bucks, but the jazz is great. Check out the Bourbon Pub/Parade on Bourbon St. for cheap booze (sun night, pay 5 bucks for all the beer you can down). My advice is just to walk the streets of the Quarter and check out everything that interests you. Jazz, voodoo, stripshows, food... it's all there. Have at it.

    On the way out of Nola, just take I-10 to Fla. and just be sure to be here for mardi gras sometime.

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