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    Default I need some help here...

    Hello, I am taking a road trip with five friends next spring break. We are going from Bay City Michigan to California. But we plan to stop in Las Vegas at the end of our second day of driving. I was just wondering what kind of things we could see if we only had 11 days for the whole trip. We figured it'd take us two hard days of driving to get there, and about 3 days to get back. We really want to see the grand canyon, but what else? Oh yeah, we're camping...if that makes a difference....any advice would be appreciated..thank you.

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    Default 2000 miles in two days?

    OK, I admit it, it is certainly possible to drive the 2051 miles necessary to get to Las Vegas from Bay City in two days, but do you realize that if you stop only for fuel and very short rest breaks it will still take 40 hours minimum to drive it non-stop? Is this really the way you want to start a vacation?

    Your likey, fastest route will go through Colorado and Utah. My advice --- slow down in those states -- Plenty of things to do in Denver and Grand Junction. Utah is home to 5 very cool national parks -- Squeeze in Zion and Canyonlands at the minimum and arrive in Las Vegas slightly more refreshed on day 3 or 4.

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    Thanks, that does sound like a more reasonable plan. We don't necessarily have to be in Vegas by day two. I will definately take your advice into consideration, thanks a lot man. Peace.

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