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    Default Web journaling equipment question

    After 7 years of expatriate life in France, and a divorce which wraps up soon, I'm returning to the US and will road trip until I find whatever I'm looking for... (2-3 months).

    In this major transition time of my life (I'm 33 and a woman) I'm looking to document things publicly for friends and family and ME! I love computers, and wonder if anyone has good advise on the perfect laptop (value, small size, performance with imagages and web access, wireless possibilities) and on website creation software which would facilitate posting a daily update with text, sound, and digital pics. (I've got the camera already.) I've seen the portion of the website on dashboarding, but am looking for some first hand advise.

    Watch out life, here I come!

    Thanks for your input. - Kim

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    Default Cottage Industry to meet expectations


    While doing everything yourself can be an end unto itself -- you might look into some of the hosted travel journal options out there. Two that come to mind would be and I-Go-U-Go ( There are several others that enable folks to post images and journals available to all.

    Having created a (albeit larger than you probably envision) web site while living and working on the road I can tell you that this is a VERY EXPENSIVE proposition to do well. Our basic hardware/software is $20K and operating expenses cost considerably more.

    Having said that -- Dell laptops and Dreamweaver web server software is the way we would go.

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    Default laptop advice

    first off...Dell computers are overpriced. If you want to pay $500 dollars more for a laptop go with dell. If not, I reccommend checking out any laptop in the 1.8 to 2.0 Ghz range, anything more is un-needed processing power unless you plan on editing high resolution video.

    You can purchase built in wi-fi with the new Centrino Intel chips...but again you're paying $500 for extras. You can find a wi-fi card on ebay or even new ones with rebates for as little as $25. I recently bought a wi-fi card from actiontec, that was $25 with rebate...and the rebate came promptly in the mail.

    Second, if you go to you can do pay as you go journaling for as little as $5 a month. You can post photos with option. You can even blog for free but sometimes you don't get photo capabilities. If you get web-based blogging software you won't need to pay for other web design software. If you want to do it yourself - than get Dreamweaver MX and for the pictures, get Photoshop Elements.

    If you have any kids or friends who are k-12 or higher ed, they can get a discount on the software for you.

    All in all, you can find a decent laptop for $1000 or less if you go used. Software is about $200 with discounts.

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