I'm taking a 14 day road trip starting May 10. I don't know where I'm going (probably in a general south-western direction and back). I have a few questions/concerns for anyone that can help:

-I am taking my pick-up truck ('88 Chevy S-10, 73K miles). I haven't had any problems with it in the past, but I am kind of nervous about taking such an old truck on such a long trip. Is this a good idea? If so, what pre-trip measures can I take to help the truck make it?

-I plan on camping or sleeping in the truck bed some nights, with a hotel room for 3 nights. What place is a good place to sleep in the truck-bed? Truck Stop?

-I am an experienced camper, but I'm not sure how to plan for meals on this trip. What is the best way to go as far as food for a road trip like this?

Thanks if anyone can help.