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    Leah Guest


    I'm leaving for my first Great American Road Trip in three weeks. I'm travelling solo from MN, through MT, to OR, down the CA coast, through AZ, NM, TX, and then back north to MN. I'm mostly staying with friends and family along the way and also have beds at a few hostels. I'll be gone between three or four weeks.

    I feel confidant about my route and my plans, but what I would like to know is the one thing that others wish they would have had that would have made the trip easier or come in handy. I'm sure I'll come home with a checklist of things I wish were along once I return, but I'm sure others already have that list. If anyone could share an item or two from theirs, I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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    Jenn Guest

    Default stuff to bring

    I'd recommend a journal or notepad. You're going to see funny signs and things you'll want to remember. Since you'll be alone there's no one there to make funny comments to. Write them down because you will forget! I read stuff in my journal written days before of things I barely remember. You'll be seeing so much your brain will be full! And so will your journal.

    Also, a washcloth, lots of water and a camera. Have a blast!

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    kristy Guest

    Default things to bring

    i agree with the other post except i take a mini tape recorder since i cant write and drive at the same time. it also comes in handy when i get bored during long drives i tape myself singing then play it back never know whether to laugh or cry!!!!

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