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    There are 7 of us 22 year old english guys wanting to go from NYC to LA in about a month over July/August 2003. Does anyone know of....
    1) a company that will rent a minivan (or equivalent) to people our age
    2) how to get insurance for multiple drivers cheaply
    3) would it be cheaper to try and find a second hand car in NYC and buy it, then try to sell it in LA?
    4) approximate costs of the whole car hire idea with at least four of us as insured drivers... i cannot get any prices over the internet

    Thanks very much guys!

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    I think you may be correct about it being just cheaper to buy a used vehicle, get insurance, and sell it at your destination.

    The two factors:

    - It's hard to find rental cars for people under 25, and many will charge you extra ($20 a day, at least, and that is probably per driver.)

    - Rental car companies will charge you a large amount of money because you are not returning the car to the origination point.

    Most rental car companies do, however, have lots where they sell their old rentals. They'll be in good shape. It'd definitely be worth it to get insurance that includes a tow service, or AAA membership for the month during your stay in case of a breakdown.

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