Within the next week?

My other ride just canceled on me :-/. So, I figured I'd ask here....


I'm presently in Flagstaff staying with a friend. I'm traveling on a shoestring after residing in British Columbia for 6 months with my girlfriend and not having a work visa. I came to Flagstaff to stay with a friend; because it seemed like one of the most affordable options after my visitor visa for Canada expired in February.

I start training for work (as a tour guide) in Santa Rosa, California on the 15th of April. I am trying to get to either San Diego, L.A, or San Francisco. Both are places I fortunately have friends I can stay with until work starts.

I'd also love to visit Death Valley and / or Joshua Tree NPs. Though my main goal is just getting to California.

If you happen to be going this route; I'd like to share expenses with you. I have a valid U.S driver's license and spotless driving record as well. I'm 22, a good conversationalist, really laid back, clean, mature, and have heaps of CD's with me.

In 2001-02 I spent 9 months backpacking Australia, New Zealand, and the Fiji Islands. I also just traveled from Portland, OR to Albuquerque, NM before Flagstaff. So, I have plenty of stories to share.

I enjoy hiking, astronomy, sports, kids (my girlfriend has a 5 year old), cooking, photography, meeting new people, music (I DJ, play a bit of guitar and percussion), and of coarse traveling.

I hope to hear from you soon; please e-mail or PM! I'll be happy to call you first to touch base (long distance is no worries).


Shaun :-D