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    Default Road trip with kids

    Hi. I am hoping to take a road and camping trip with the kids (ages 12, 10 and 4) this summer, about ten days worth of traveling. We will be travelling in a small car with a tent and basic camping supplies. I would like to travel out west to some of the major sites, we live in Western Pennsylvania. Any suggestions?

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    MARY: 1. involve the kids in the trip have each of them take a day to be the trip guide. to choose location, campground,and food. 2. ask them to do a journel to include postcards, drawings, 3. do not do all the work yourself there is fun in camp chores and especially camp cooking and clean up. 4. set up a tent just for the gear and a tent for sleeping. 5. get a first aide kit and insist on footwear around the campsite and cooking area. 6. give each kid and yourself a stuff sack for clothing and personal gear let them fill it up with what they want, but thats all they get for space. yes the kids will choose stuff you think they do not need and not bring what they do need. it is a summer trip there will be no disasters and its fun to take part in your own stuff. Gert and I camped for many years out of a station wagon with tents with 4 kids. the stuff that goes wrong will be the things you remember most have a good time GEO.F.

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