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    Simon B Guest

    Default Roundtrip Las Veags

    Dear All,

    I will be in Vegas for about 9 days and am going to rent a car for 7.

    Any suggestions for a 7 day roundtrip, got to cover Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, and would like to go to Death Valley but is that too far west ??

    If anybody has any suggestions or could point me to a site that would work out distances it would be appreciated.

    Also, would I need to book up accomadation in the first week of May or could I just turn up at a motel and get a room ?? I was going ti use the Motel 6 chain.

    Thanks in advance,

    Simon B UK

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    Default Death Valley is the closest


    Of the parks you mentioned, Death Valley is the closest to Las Vegas and well worth a visit -- but be prepared for hot weather -- May temperatures are over 100-F degrees every day.

    It is possible to make a round trip that would enable you to se a little bit of each of the parks mentioned. As far as Motel 6 -- Motel 6 is very dependable and boring. Rates are often more expensive than much nicer motels in the same area. I would not worry about making reservations -- check out the motels when you get to an area. If possible try and check-in by 4:00 pm and then go back to exploring the local area.

  3. Default Tell him Rain Man...

    "K-Mart sucks!"

    (So does Motel 6)


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    Target is the best! And motel 6 isn't bad.

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    imported_Mike Guest


    Hello Simon,
    I am from Vegas. I have to agree with Mark. Death Vally is the closest out of the Parks you mentioned. I would also include Zion. It is North on the I-15. You should not have to worry about accomidation. If you have any troubles finding a place, go south on the strip. There are a bunch of little motels that could use your business. Let me know if you have any questions about Vegas. I would be glad to help.

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