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    Default Thanks,

    Thanks Mark. It's nice to know the trip may not be (to quite). I am lucky too. I am setting up the car with a scanner, TV and CB. Should look funny in a souped Camaro. What do you recommed for bringing with me. I have the AAA and CC and misc security items but not sure how many changes of cloths, shoes, cooler or what I might find a I have a need for.

    Do some of these truck stops have showers and stuff? Should I bring a tent and stuff? Any thing that you could think of may help. How many hours of driving a day would you recomend at a time?

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    Default A TV in a Camaro?


    Where are you going to fit a TV in Camaro, and more importantly -- why? How many antennas were you planning to use on this caper? Watching TV at a motel or a sports bar makes more sense in the long run.

    Storage in a Camaro is going to be tight for clothes. One or two changes of traveling clothes, foul weather gear and emergency supplies will fill it up. An over-loaded camaro would defeat the purpose of the trip -- wouldn't it?

    Nearly every truck stop has shower facilities -- but for the most part they are reserved for professional (eg: CDL) drivers. What kind of budget are you envisioning for this epic adventure?

    For solo travel -- in good weather, if it were me -- I would limit to 6 hours per day with 10 or so hours for exploring and meeting folks. But I have driven 48 straight...

    I also noticed you are seeking a taveling companion -- how are they going to fit with all of your gear?

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