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    This is the 3rd year I am making this trip. A bunch of us Jeepers are getting together at Tellico OffRoad Vehicle park in Murphy, NC. It's in the Smoky Mountains and I've had a great time the past two years. It's a good spring break trip.

    This year I am taking my 1982 Jeep Wagoneer and we're going to sleep in the back on an air mattress. The past two years I have driven down in my 1989 Jeep Wrangler. Next year I will have the Wrangler ready for some hardcore offroading and I will tow it down to NC with the Wagoneer.

    The route we are taking is Boston to DC, DC to Charlotte, NC; Charlotte to Murphy. On the way back, it will be a 2-leg trip; Murphy to Durham, Durham to Boston. I have to make it back for class next Monday!

    Keep an eye out for a two-tone light brown/tan over dark brown woody-style full-size Jeep with Mass plates. I'll have the CB on channel 19, so give a holler or wave! :)

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    Sounds like a fun trip. I have wanted to do the Murphy event for several years. Go have a muddy day!

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