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    Dear All,

    Greetings to everyone! I'm finishing up my MA in history this summer, and to celebrate I've decided to go roadtrip across the US for about eight weeks. I'm starting in Grand Rapids Michigan, and plan to head west on Highway 2 to Seattle. From the skyneedle I plan on driving south along the Pacific coast to LA, and then head back east to New Orleans. Finally, I am closing a cottage in Acadia National Park in late October, and I'll head back to grand rapids from there.

    My question is if anyone has any good advice or neat sights that would be of interest to a historic and politically minded soul. Any suggestions would be appreicated!

    Peter Bratt

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    imported_Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Around the Country Roadtrip

    It sounds wonderful - I envy you. Having said that, I have a suggestion. Unless you really want to be as close to the border as you can get, going west, I'd drop a little south and go through Rapid City (Mt Rushmore, Deadwood), then on to the Little Bighorn (Custer) battlefield. Heading north again, I'd hit Helena then see Glacier Nat'l Park and the Idaho Panhandle.
    Once in Seattle area, I really like the Hood Canal area and Olympic National Park. Going south, I'd stay as close along the coast as possible, all the way south to San Diego. The Washington, Oregon, and California coast is wonderful. Along the way you'll see craggy seascapes, redwood forests, harbors and marina's with seafood to die for. Big Sur, Carmel, Moro Bay, and Hearst Castle are all worth a look.
    Heading east, there are a number of threads on this site that talk about the Arizona and New Mexico mountains. I'm not as well versed on the rest of your route and I'll leave that to other posters.
    Have a wonderful trip.

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    kristy Guest


    not sure if you have ever driven along the U.P. before but the one and only time i ever did it (along highway2) it took me around 10 hours just to go from alpena to get to the wisconsin border. the scenery was great but the speedlimit maxed at 55 all most the whole way, and slows to 25-30 in every town plus the redlights in town. add the motorhomes and trucks pulling boats in teh am and evening and it was the most frustrating trip i have ever have plenty of time it seems but since you are already in Michigan i would go south and then head west. to me there is nothing more frustrating than driving all day and not really getting anywhere.

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