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    Paul Lofthouse Guest

    Default Is there such thing as truck/tractor unit driveaways

    I know that doing a driveaway is one of the best and cheapest forms of crossing the states, and is ideal for a road trip. However, i wondered if it is possible to do the same thing but with a truck (what us in the UK would call a HGV or Heavy Goods)

    It is a dream of ours to travel 66 in a Kenworth/Peterbilt etc, with a sleeper. Has anyone on this forum ever done this - or suggest how we might go about doing it?

    Many thanks in advance, and i look forward to reading your replies.

    Paul -
    Cambridge UK

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    Default Not per se


    There are a couple of strikes against your plan. First, you have to have a Class A license to drive such a rig and the sections of Rt. 66 that are not interstates are not truck routes. Commercial tractor/trailers are not supposed to travel on non truck route roads unless they are doing a local delivery.

    I am not aware of a "Drive-Away" type program for tractor/trailers although commerical vehicles are delivered by driving them point to point.

    There is a book that addresses some of these issues -- look at the $50,000 book info at

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    Paul Lofthouse Guest

    Default Didnt think it would be that easy

    OK - so loosing the 66 idea... I have the equivalent uk licence which is HGV Class 1. This is basically the license required to drive any articulated rig. - Do u know if anything additional would be required stateside?

    So all i need to know now is how to get hold of a tractor unit.. :-)

    Many thanks

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